The sound therapy

Sound therapy has a direct effect on the brain, and this can be observed by means of electroencephalograms.

The deep state of relaxation, for example, slows down brain activity and activates the “alpha” brain waves. These are between 8hz and 12hz and allow a deep recovery of the organism. Another example, the “beta” waves are between 12hz and 20hz and correspond to an increased state of vigilance and concentration.

There are 5 main waves emitted by our brain (delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma) and we can link each of them to a state.

By targeting these waves via sound therapy and binaural beats, we can activate or inhibit certain cognitive functions.
And thanks to this we can act directly on the feeling of well-being, on the sensation of certain symptoms, and this in a non-medicinal, non-invasive way and without contraindications.