1. Use good quality headphones or earphones to fully enjoy the sound effects of the application. If you don’t have them, use the baffle option.  
  2. It is best not to listen to Melodia at high volume, for all treatments that relax and soothe, choose a quiet and comfortable place to relax during the sound therapy session. Together we will take care of your well-being.  
  3. The treatment : Start by selecting a sound therapy treatment that suits your state of mind and your needs. Melodia offers a variety of sessions, ranging from meditation to concentration to sleep. Binaural beat frequencies or isochronous tones are used as treatments, designed to help and stimulate your brain to reach the desired state. 
  4. The atmosphere : The atmospheres are 3D nature sounds that give you a sense of immersion in the session and help you to anchor yourself in the present moment. Nature sounds such as the sound of water, birdsong, rustling tree leaves, sea waves, as well as rain and forest sounds, have a beneficial effect on mental and physical health, reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood, sleep and boosting immunity. 
  5. The theme : Relaxing music that gives you a pleasant and comfortable feeling, encompassing your sound treatment to offer you a unique moment of well-being. Feel free to adjust the volume of the application to suit your preferences and environment. 
  6. Use Melodia regularly to get the most out of it. Regular practice of sound therapy can improve your mental and physical well-being.
  7. Do not use Melodia while driving
  8. Consult your doctor before using Melodia if you have hearing problems or a history of hearing problems.
  9. Finally, remember that sound therapy is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. If you have any concerns about your mental or physical health, consult a qualified health professional. 

Melodia is an intuitive and user-friendly sound therapy application that delivers effective results.
Melodia offers you a unique technology that combines neuroscience and sound therapy.
We have designed our treatment protocols based on scientific data to ensure a complete, effective and soothing experience.

Our mission is to offer you a moment of happiness, to relieve the symptoms of your pathologies and to support your daily life.
Let us guide you through the Melodia interface to take care of you!
Melodia makes your well-being its priority.

Melodia is an application that combines sound therapy and neuroscience techniques.
In Melodia you will find :
3D nature sounds without noise pollution, and some other pleasant sounds
A unique catalogue of relaxing music
Binaural beats and isochronous tones.

Select the treatment that corresponds to your wishes or needs, then choose from our many ambience options, and finally decide on the listening mode (please respect it during the sound treatment, you can change it by going back, but avoid doing so during the treatment). Finish by selecting a theme (this is relaxing music that will accompany you during the sound treatment).
Your three selected tracks will play simultaneously, you can adjust the volumes for your comfort.
We advise you not to listen at high volume.

Be sure to DISABLE all filters on your device (DTS, surround enhancers, bass boost, etc.) as they interfere with the audio playback.

Melodia can be used at any time of the day or night.

The sound treatments last 30 minutes but you can stop during the course of the treatment or start again if you wish.
The frequency of use recommended by studies suggests using the binaural beat once a day for about 3 weeks to feel changes.

We worked with two talented neuroscientists to extract our protocols from the scientific literature.
However, scientific study does not mean scientific proof, that’s the beauty of science!

A large number of studies on these subjects and millions of comments from users of sound therapy and binaural beats tell us that there is incredible potential here.
Here are some links to interesting studies:






Binaural beating is an audio stimulation technique that uses two sounds of slightly different frequencies played in each ear to create an illusion of rhythm in the brain. This technique is often used in sound therapy and meditation to help calm the mind and stimulate relaxation. Binaural beats are usually produced for a more immersive experience.
Binaural beats are also used for their ability to influence brain waves.

No, that’s why Melodia also contains isochronous tones.
Isochronous tones are repetitive sounds, such as beats or tones, that are played at a specific frequency to produce a synchronised brain response. They are often used in sound therapy and meditation to help synchronise brain waves and promote a state of deep relaxation. Isochronous tones can be produced with musical instruments, Tibetan bowls, drums, gongs, etc., or with audio recordings specifically designed for this purpose.

Absolutely not! Binaural beats are not chemicals, so your body cannot become addicted.

Headphones are a must! There is no other way to experience the binaural effect. Fortunately for you Melodia has developed a technology (isochronous tones) that allows you to enjoy the sound treatments even with speakers, select the speaker option in the interface.

As low as possible – just loud enough to clearly hear both tones and the pulsing or flickering sound. If you turn up the volume, the brain waves will not be affected faster or stronger.

The problem is probably with your settings, whether you are on a computer or a smartphone or tablet, try checking the background permissions, or the sleep settings. If you encounter this problem even after changing your settings, please write to us and we will be happy to help you.

It happens to me too and it usually goes away in a minute. It’s a bit like staring at a bright object for a minute and then looking away. The nerves are still active. Keeping the volume low will reduce this.

Binaural beats can be a challenge for the brain, especially if you are using them for the first time. I suggest you start for 5 minutes once a day for 3 days, then 10 minutes for 3 days, then as you wish.

Each person reacts differently to binaural beats, as each brain is unique. Some people may experience “stirrings”, such as old memories, emotions, anxiety, etc.
As with traditional meditation, it is important not to judge and not to get carried away. I recommend starting with the “anxiety” treatment and using it once a day for 5 days and then taking stock.

I do not recommend binaural beats for young children under 5 years of age as I do not know enough about how they can affect young developing brains in the long term. There may be studies on this, but I have not personally seen any. On the other hand, I strongly recommend the practice of mindfulness meditation, studies show that it is excellent for them.

I am sorry to say that binaural beats are not for you in this case.
You can enjoy Melodia sound care in “Baffle” listening mode